This is the area for the uploading and publication of ERNEST sustainable tourism good practices / research programmes

The ERNEST Action plan for joint activities includes one action dedicated to ‘knowledge exchange’ about current trends and research, to be implemented during the entire project duration. A special cooperative on line tool has been created, NETJAC (NEtworking Tool for Joint ACtivities), with the purpose to facilitate exchanges of good practices through a database available for all Ernest partners.

The database is not only a presentation of experiences, but it provides analysis of the projects, so to enable ERNEST partners to import the experiences in their territory, Aim of this action is to increase transnational knowledge, facilitate peer to peer networking and serve as a basis for further good practice import/export.

The GPs considered more relevant are promoted during regional and interregional ERNEST (or ERNEST-related) events, for instance the ERNEST project meetings, the  Entretiens de Gréoux, Euromeeting, NECSTouR conferences or other events pursuing the diffusion of GPs.

Key results of local projects and experiences gathered from other regions can be compared on the interregional level and, if reputed interesting, as said above, they can be imported to other destinations, taking into account the different local territorial, political and social assets.


CLICK HERE for a selection of Good Practices of partners of the ERNEST consortium with video support. The complete listing of good practices / research programmes will be disseminated at the ERNEST final conference in June 2012.

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For ERNEST partners only:

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