ERNEST Action plan

The ERNEST proposal attempts to go beyond the individual regions and the individual state in the field of sustainable tourism, bringing the actors together to coordinate and add value to their individual activities.

The networking and mutual opening of research programmes will follow a long term and flexible approach over 48 months (click here for work package description).

ERNEST will foster this coordination among actors with a common shared vision on sustainable tourism, thus offering the chance to share the work already underway at regional level and to take it further, to make it more productive and efficient through exchange and through the planning and implementation of joint activities. The work plan of the ERNEST project follows the "step-by-step" approach of the ERA NETs:

  • Information exchange (systematic exchange of information & best practices);
  • Definition, preparation and implementation of joint activities, including common training and learning sessions, commonly defined action plans, pooling of resources between regional, national and community programmes);
  • funding of transnational research (joint call).

The project evolves over time through various Work Packages:
ERNEST project and are as follows:ERNEST foresees 3 specific work packages, respectively dedicated to Information exchange, definition and implementation of joint activities, funding of transnational research, flanked by 4 horizontal work packages which ensure efficient project coordination, correctly implemented project management and administration, widespread dissemination and identification and involvement of potential new partners.