Welcome to the ERNEST Joint Call Partners search tool!

The ERNEST Partner search tool is devoted to search and find partners for common projects within the ERNEST JC Partners (Basque Country, Catalunya, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany). The tool describes possible projects which organizations are interested to perform and offers the possibility to look for cooperation with other potential partners.

The Search Tool has three sections:
-one is for registration (registration is compulsory in order to receive the user id and password for data input and download),
- one is for publishing your project idea
- one is for viewing the project ideas/partner searchs published by other subjects

Please try to be as clear as possible in describing your project ideas (keep descriptions at the same time quick to read, but complete enough for the others to understand what the project focus is about and which kind of parntership is sought) and remember to insert the data of your contact person.

Good Luck!