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NECSTouR network was born in November 2007 in Florence, during Euromeeting conference, when a group of 15 regions, flanked by many important international institutions and stakeholders, signed the Memorandum of Understanding "Towards a European Network for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism - Policies and Instruments for the consolidation of a european strategy for a network of destinations of excellence for a sustainable and competitive tourism", thus deciding to commit themselves to the development of sustainable tourism and to the "endorsement of a medium-long term Agenda in which all stakeholders undertake the necessary steps to strengthen the contribution of sustainable practices to facilitate the competitiveness of Europe as the most attractive tourism destination", as per the European Commission's Communication of october 2007 entitled "Agenda for a sustainable and competitive european tourism"

In the year 2008 NECSTOUR's founding members worked together in order to establish the networks' governance rules, objectives and strategy.

Three events were organized in order to foster international debate on the issues of sustainable tourism and build the network's organization: the VII edition of Euromeeting (Riccione, 26th of November 2008), the network's Conference (Marseille, 29 and 30 October 2008), and Plymouth Conferece (Plymouth, UK, 17-19 June 2009).

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