ERNEST Project

European Research NEtwork on Sustainable Tourism is an ERA-NET project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme

Normally sustainable tourism and competitiveness are seen as opposite point of views, meaning that the decision makers either concentrate on sustainability or on economic gain. With ERNEST (European Research Network on Sustainable Tourism) project, for the first time a large group of regions and other organizations actually undertake steps to strengthen the contribution of sustainable practices to competitiveness. This vision stems from the belief that Europe, in all its different hues, has a very specific historical, natural and social identity, and the conservation of its heritage will by all means contribute to its attractiveness.

The ERNEST "European Research Network on Sustainable Tourism" project will address the issue of sustainable development of the tourism sector through coordination and collaboration among regional research programmes.

One of the most distinctive features of ERNEST is the integrated approach.
Research programmes in this field are generally fragmentated. We want to develop and strengthen a framework for coordinating regional research programmes on sustainable tourism.

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